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Published by Galerie Paris-Beijing
ISBN: 979-1-09-017602-7
Editor: Galerie Paris-Beijing
Pages: 90
Size: 210 x 285 mm


Excerpts from the preface by Elsa Favreau

Their eyes closed, their mouths half-opened, they doze, practically hypnotised between ecstasy and exhaustion; the landscapes are either deserted, imagined or idealised. The photos in Wang Ningde's Some Days series plunge us into daydreaming and bitterness, mid-way between regret and reminiscence of given moment.

A true invitation to travel, Some Days leads our imagination to a crossing in the past, the final destinations of which could very well be named Memory, Calm and Intimacy. Faced with such closed-eyed figures and unknown landscapes, the spectator opens his own eyes up to memories, ghosts of loved ones, forgotten images, hidden emotions... a rediscovered time... Far from the past being recreated, it is the process of recollection that is called into question, suggested and imagined


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Founded in 2006, Galerie Paris-Beijing is dedicated to represent emerging and established artists within two main artistic focuses which are contemporary photography and more generally, the asian art scene.

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