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Published in November 2014
ISBN: 978-2-7324-6434-3
Editor: Editions La Martinière
Limited edition of 170 numbered copies in a book set with a print (made by Franck Bordas) signed by the artist
Print: Mobile Phone, 2014
Pages: 192
Size: 400 x 310 x 60 cm
Text in French and English bilingual version
Excerpts from the preface by Philippe Dagen
Liu Bolin is known as a sculptor, painter, photographer, and performer.
Not one of these terms is inaccurate. Not one of them is sufficient. In the selection of work presented in this book, the photography captures ephemeral performances of human figures painted to merge with their surroundings. Sculpture, in the usual meaning of the word, is not directly implicated, but that does not prevent Liu Bolin's work from beeing, strictly speaking, sculptural.
In the titles of his series, the verb hiding comes up over and over again. Man systematically disappears into the photographed landscape, whatever this landscape is indoors or outdoors, street or supermarket, port or worksite. This technique immediately calls up the word camouflage.
One can distinguish a figure, perhaps the shape of a head that does not completely merge with the background. With the help of clues of this nature, the eye quickly discovers the full body or bodies hidden within the image. One's perception outsmarts the clever artifices that were supposed to hide a figure that is often in the foreground and center of the image.
Liu Bolin uses a unique artistic form with a rare effectiveness that is perfectly in sync with the modern times.

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