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Published by Galerie Paris-Beijing
ISBN: 979-1-09-017601-0
Editor: Galerie Paris-Beijing
Pages: 102
Size: 210 x 285 mm


"Photography is my magic brush" (Maleonn)


Excerpts from the preface by Perrine Pautré

In the strange world of Maleonn, laughing superheroes are covered in bruises, while postmen walk through walls to deliver their mail. Using digital resources nd manual re-colourisation techniques, this former film director constructs a fanciful and mischievous universe, where a wild imagination sets up a metaphorical narrative framework. 

A number of recurring objects and symbols occupy this dreamlike universe : scenes from plays, his first childhood memories, masks, clourful marbles, flying papers, as well as untameable animals...

Dramatic or comical, the characters in his fables are there to entertain us. Disguised and made-up, they display the grandiloquent body movements of Chinese opera. 

Testimony to a great command of visual and scenic languages, Maleonn's deceptively naïve photographs captivate and question our perception of reality, enlightening the labyrinth of our spirits and the complexity of our existence.


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Founded in 2006, Galerie Paris-Beijing is dedicated to represent emerging and established artists within two main artistic focuses which are contemporary photography and more generally, the asian art scene.

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