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Published by Galerie Paris-Beijing
ISBN: 979-1-09-017646-1
Editor: Galerie Paris-Beijing
Pages: 56
Size: 210 x 210 mm


Excerpts from the preface by Silvia Mattei

Ma Sibo’s canvases show us fragments of intimate landscapes, like windows into the soul. Their evocative power is derived from a de-realization of scraps of daily life that seem transported into a dreamlike and mysterious dimension.

Plays of light and haziness, obtained by an astonishing manipulation of his materials in gradation, create a troublingly strange effect that blankets the banal scenes and spaces. In these places, purged of all human presence, sensations are elicited by things and colors. Indeed, Ma Sibo’s brushes envelope inert objects with an emotional aura, awakening distant memories and a vague nostalgia.

Merry-go-rounds in a theme park, a suitcase or clothing abandoned in the half-light of a bedroom are pictorial reminiscences of a past childhood. The very vision of the space seems to be “on a child’s scale”: the eye does not see the entirety of the landscape, but it is struck by details and objects in the foreground, bathed in a vibrant and evanescent light. Therefore, the spectator grasps only the atmosphere of these falsely realist places, these silent “interiors” and “gardens” outside of any precise time or space.


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Founded in 2006, Galerie Paris-Beijing is dedicated to represent emerging and established artists within two main artistic focuses which are contemporary photography and more generally, the asian art scene.

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