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Published by Galerie Paris-Beijing
ISBN: 979-10-90176-44-7
Editor: Galerie Paris-Beijing
Pages: 62
Size: 285 x 285 mm


Excerpts from the preface by Marion Thiery

To build a real house, you need stones, walls, bricks, a roof... In other words, you need a whole host of various different elements from various different places. This is why, to harness these flying houses, the photographer not only surveyed the streets of Paris, he also traveled through their influences, their references and their memories. Drawing from cinema, comic books, history and architecture, he has developed a unique language, at once profoundly impregnated with his own identity and open to public interpretation. These images are not only generous through their form, which transports the viewer to a dream world, but also because they call upon the unconscious within each of us.

And yet, though they are the pure expression of an imaginary world, the evocative nature of these houses is by no means a chance occurrence.

Formerly in advertising, Laurent Chéhère is deeply attached to the culture of the idea, using each house and its title to express a specific point, whether the message is profound or lighthearted, anecdotal or not.

He composes his houses meticulously, drawing a sketch before photographing each of the elements that will constitute the image one by one: each stone, window, gutter, piece of graffiti, roof, wall, antenna, satellite dish, article of laundry or other silhouette eventually takes its place in the score as he orchestrates his photographic, cinematographic, historic and musical references.


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