Né en 1969, Mongolie-Intérieure, Chine
Vit et travaille à Shanghai, Chine


Shi Qing, Unsettled, White Cube, Hong Kong

Art in the City, K11 Art Mall, Shanghai

Theatre for Climate Control, SHI Qing Solo Exhibition, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Video Bureau Archive 13: SHI Qing, Video Bureau, Guang Zhou, Beijing

All That is Solid Melts into Air, SHI Qing Solo Exhibition, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai

Flower & Bird View of Proletarian, SHI Qing’s studio, Shanghai
Not long enough, Space Station, 798 Art District, Beijing

Halfway House, Shi Qing Solo Exhibition, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing

When Zhuge Liang Meets Panda, A New Project by Shi Qing, ShanghART F-Space, Shanghai

Electricity, Bizart Art Center, Shanghai

Lost Prediction, DDM Wrehouse Art Center, Shanghai

Black Taboo, 25000 Cultural Transmission Center, Beijing


Exotic Stranger, GALERIE PARIS-BEIJING, Paris, France
Things From the Gallery Warehouse 7-B, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai

Things From the Gallery Warehouse 7-A,ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
New China/New Art,Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham, Royaume-Uni
Minuscule in Scope-Gargantuan in Perspective, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
My House Is Your House, Artists of Shanghai Comment on Their City, SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai
Myth / History II : Shanghai Galaxy, YUZ Museum, Shanghai Let’s Party, Shanghai Night Club, Shanghai

Rouge, Shanghai Night Club, Shanghai
Jiang Han Star Project CLIMATE–2014 Young Artists Research Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum, Hubei
Art of Living – Breaking Down the Wall, Jing An Kerry Center, Shanghai
Metal Matters: Reflection to Oxidation, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
In & Out Réel ShanghART, Réel Department Store, Shanghai
Post-Sense Sensibility, Duddell’s, Hong Kong
Positive Space,Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou
Things From the Gallery Warehouse 6, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Starlight, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai

The Spectacle of the Spectacles, ShanghART Singapore, Singapour
Studio,M50 Art Space, Shanghai
The Overlapping Reflection Zhujiajiao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhujiajiao, Shanghai
Residual Value, Environmental Art Exhibition, Lujiazui Central Park, Pudong District, Shangai
DramaSuspended: Undressing the Present, Alain Badiou and the artists,Mecooon Space, Shanghai
« Decorative Cup » (Construction Site), A Myrica Village, Hangzhou
Revel, Celebrating MoCA’s 8 Years in Shanghai, MoCA, Shanghai
55e Venice Biennale Parallel Exhibition, The Grand Canal, Venise, Italie
Single Room, Contemporary Art Exhibition, SSAW Boutique Hotel, Hangzhou

Just What Is It About The End of The World That Makes It So Appealing?, V-ART CENTER, Shanghai
9th Shanghai Biennale, Reactivation, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Pulse Reaction, An Exchange Project on Art Practice, Times Museum, Guangdong Uninkable, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
TransMedia Art & Fashion Exhibition, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
Things From the Gallery Warehouse 4, hanghART H-Space, Shanghai

Never Forget the Image Struggle!, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
GUANXI, Chinese Contemporary Art ,Today Art Museum, Beijing
Poster Exhibition, TOP Events, Shanghai
Surplus Goodlookingness, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing
Contemporary Art Top Events, Shanghai Guanxi, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
A Pile of Passion,ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai
How We To Do?, Heng Lu Art Museum, Hangzhou 2010
Conception as Enzyme, A4 Contemporary Arts Centre, Chengdu
DIAL 62761232, A Document On A Contemporary Art Event, ShanghART Taopu, Shanghai Elementary Spectacle, Exhibition with Shi Qing & Shao Yi, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Jungle: A Close-Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform China, Beijing

Work in Progress: How Do Artists Work?, Iberia Center for Contemporary, Beijing
Bourgeoisified Proletariat, Contemporary Art Exhibition in Songjiang, Shanghai
Songjiang Creative Studio, Shanghai
TADAIMA: Looking for Sweet Home, Gallery Artlier, Fukuoka, Japon
Warm Up, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Persistence, CAAW, Beijing
Shanghai Kino, KUNSTHALLE BERN, Suisse
Another Scene, Artists’ Projects, Concepts and Ideas, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai

Insomnia, Photographs Exhibition, BizART, Shanghai
Lucky Number Seven, SITE Santa Fe Seven International Biennoal, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A
Homesickness, Memory and Virtual Reality,T Space, 798 Art, Beijing
Artseason, The Third China New Media Art Festival, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
Asking for It, Everyday Neurosis in Chinese Contemporary Art, Mackintosh Gallery, The Glasgow Shool of Art, Royaume-Uni

The Alchemy of Shadows, Lianzhou International Photo Festival (LIPF) 2007, Lianzhou, Guangdong
Absence Exhibition, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Arther M.Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University, Beijing
Rejected Collection, More the 40 Chinese Artists/Over 60 Rejected Proposals, Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai
NoNo, Self-curated Exhibition of latest artworks by 11 individual artists, Long March Space, Beijing

It’s All Right, Contemporary Art Exhibition,Hu Qing Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medi- cine, Hangzhou
With the Sword, Jing Art Gallery, Shanghai
Confusion Life, Contemporary Art Exhibition,Funart Gallery, Beijing Thirty-Eight Solo Exhibitions, 2577 Longhua Road Creative Garden, Shanghai

The Second Guangzhou Triennial, BEYOND: an extraordinary space of experimentation for modernization,Guangdong Museum of
Art, Guangzhou
Playground of Authorship—Complete Art Experience Project, Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester, New York, USA
24 Hours, Complete Art Experience Project, Beijing Film Studio, Beijing
True to Life, Taikang Top Space, Beijing
Prague Biennale 2, Expanded Painting and Acción Directa, National Gallery, Prague, République Tchèque
Incest – Complete Art Experience Project, No. 1, Platform China, Beijing

4th Busan Biennale—Contemporary Art Exhibition, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan, Corée
Scarify, China Modern Indepengdent Image Exhibition, Beijing; Chongqing; Xi’an
Out the Window: Spaces of Distraction, The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo, Japon; Project space Zip, Seoul, Corée

Return Nature II:Pastoral, An Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Shenghua Arts Center, Nanjing
Return Nature I: Trojan Horse An Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Shenghua Arts Center, Nanjing
Post-Sense Sensibility: Inside Story, Magazine Children’s Theater, Beijing
Left Wing, An exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Left Bank Community, Beijing

FAN Mingzhen & FAN Mingzhu – Glad to Meet you, Twin Exhibition, Shanghai
The Long March: A Working Visual Display, Ganzi, Sichuan

Retribution,Jiezi Yuan, Beijing
Non-Linear Narrative, The New-Media Art Festival, China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou
Shi Qing and Wuershan Art Exhibition, MSN Art Center, Beijing
Sound-2-Sound Art Exhibition, MSN Art Center, Beijing
Post-Sense Sensibility:Spree, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing
Mantic Ecstasy, Digital Image and Video Art, Hangzhou; Shanghai; Beijing
LOFT New Media Art Exhibition, LOFT New Media Art Center, Beijing
Hotpot, Kinesisk Samtidskunst, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norvège

Sound, Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing
Home?, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yuexing Furniture Plaza, Shanghai

Food for Though: An Insight in Chinese Contemporary Art, Canvas world art/Canvas Foundation, Amsterdam, Hollande
Beijing in London, ICA, Londres, Royaume-Uni
Post-Sense Sensibility, Alien Bodies and Delusion, Beijing


Hinterland Project, Times Museum, Guangzhou

Shanghai Deal, Self-organized Art Fair, Radical Space, Shanghai
Film Screening – Split Up by Shiqing, Yangtz River Space, Wuhan

SHI Qing Project: Interior of Action, K11 Art Mall, Shanghai

All Solid Is Melt Into Air, SWFC Special Project, Shanghai

Prevent 2012″ Doomsday Party, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai Nothing Lasts Forever, Jianchang Hutong, Beijing
Shi Qing Project- Society Decoration Institute, M50 Taopu, Shanghai