Né à Changchun, Province du Jilin, Chine en 1987
Décédé en 2017


US Kansas State University Art Museum, Kansas, USA
CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, Chine
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscou, Russie
ThreeShadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, Chine
White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Sydney, Australie


New Love, Matchbaco Gallery, Tokyo, Japon
Morphologie, HDM Gallery, Hangzhou, Chine
Occupy Atopos, Atopos cvc, Athènes, Grèce
Ren Hang solo show, Atelier 72 Gallery, Marseille, France
In Presence of Ren Hang, Stieglitz 19 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgique
Ren Hang solo show, OstLicht Gallery, Vienne, Autriche
Ren Hang 2014, Capricious 88 Gallery, New York, USA
My Mum, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, Chine

In Addition to sleep, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Danemark
In Addition to sleep, Vasli Souza gallery, Malmo, Suède
La Chine à nue, Nue Galerie, Pantin, France

Pulse, Galerie Jane Zhang, Frankfurt, Allemagne

Stillbirth Yugong Yishan live house Beijing Chine
Allergy, Ren Hang photography solo exhibition Kubrick, Beijing, Chine

Intercourse with Beijing, Ren Hang photography exhibition Yugong Yishan live house, Beijing, Chine
Eat Naked Lunch! RenHang photography exhibition Yuyintang live house, Shanghai, Chine


Temporary Boundary, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Brussels, Belgique
The New Portrait – Part 1, Stieglitz 19, Anvers, Belgique

Artvilnius ’14 International Contemporary Art Fair Congress center in Vilnius, Lituanie
Three Shadows Frist Experimental Image, Open exhibition Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, Chine
New photos since 2009, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, Chine
April Art, Bruxelles, Belgique
Faceless, Stichting Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chinese spring, Bruxelles, Belgique

Lian Zhou Foto 2013 -Curatorial Theme: Farewell to Experience, Lian Zhou, Chine
The 2nd Conceptual Film Photography Show F518 Idea Land, Shenzhen, Chine
True Panic- Photography Exhibition, Bowl Island Gallery, Beijing, Chine
Photo Off, 4th Edition, La Bellevilloise, Paris, France
1st Beijing Photo Biennial : Aura and Post Aura China Millennium Monument, Beijing, Chine
Enter, Network real-time exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, Shanghai, Chine
Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Faceless part 1, Museums Quartier, Vienne, Autriche
Atypical Beijing Space, Beijing, Chine
Fuck Off 2, Chinese Contemporary Art Document, Groninger Museum, Pays-Bas
Equal Relationships, Bilndspot Gallery, Hong Kong, Chine
Fuck Taboo, Camera16 Gallery, Milan, Italie
A Miscellany of Arts, The Visual Rhetoric of the Young Generation, Suzhou, Chine
Remote Places, Close Spaces, Street Level Photoworks Gallery, Ecosse, Royaume-Uni

Secret Love Oriental Museum in Stockholm, Stockholm, Suède
Memory Lost and Found, young artists group exhibition, Beijing Space, Beijing, Chine
Central Academy of Fine Arts First CAFAM future development CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, Chine
Féroces, Ren Hang / Jordane Yarden Gaudenzi, Double photographic exhibition, Avi Niang silk, France
Originate from energy resource, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Moscou, Russie
Symptoms, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, Chine

Féroces, international photography festival, 2011, France
Restaurant, Light Room photography exhibition, J Gallery, Shanghai, Chine
Sour sweet bitter spic, four photographers’ exhibition, Angers, France
Rencontres d’Arles festival -The Viewer exhibition, Arles, France
Recurrent shadows, selected works from three shadows photography award, He Xiang Ning art museum, Shenzhen, Chine
Young Movement, photography exhibition, Israël
The fourth 54 international young art festival 2011, 798 art area, Beijing, Chine
Three shadows photography award, Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, Chine

The third Terna comtemporary art exhibition, Rome/ Milan, Italie
Warmth 2010 -2011, new year art exhibition, Shanghai, Chine
New photography magazine photography exhibition, group exhibition, Hong Kong, Chine
798 festival young This, this is me, with attitude photography exhibition, Beijing, Chine
The first international art contemporary festival of China Ji Me, Xiamen, Chine
Into the mood, art exhibition, Hong Kong, Chine
China Caochangdi, photography Toratoratora, photography exhibition Caochangdi, Beijing, Chine
Experiment, Screenage art document exhibition, Song Zhuang Art Museum, Beijing Chine

80’s and Peaceful Evolution, visual group exhibition, Hong Kong, Chine
Feminity Photography, international photography exhibition, ‘paradise with love’ Nanjing, Chine
Private talk, Shanghai, Chine
Gender Divisity, art exhibition, Song Zhuang Art Area, Beijing, Chine