The work of Marion Charlet appears as the expression of a constructed, recognizable and homogeneous universe, instantly creating ambiguity and confusion: What does this unclassifiable artist, whose art can, to a certain extent, be associated with the last generation of the Figurative Narration without its political message, say to us?

Entering one of this true painter’s canvases propels us into the heart of a daydream we don’t own. In the form of a psychoanalytic sinking she invites us to share with her some visions and non-referent spaces, derivations from the void, the absence, the silence and the wait. (Constantin Chariot, 2017)

Marion Charlet was born in Paris in 1982. After graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts, the Villa Arson (Nice), the Chelsea College of Art and Design (London) and the Institut Supérieur des Art Appliqués (Paris), she currently lives and works in Paris. She was the winner of the Prix Art [ ] Collector in 2018 and the Prix de la Fondation Colas in 2016.

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    Born in Paris in 1982
    Lives and works in Paris


    2009 High Degree, School of Fine Art, Villa Arson, Nice, France
    2008 Chelsea College of Art and Design, Erasmus exchange, London, UK
    2005 Graphic Design, Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués LISAA, Paris, France


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    Winner of Art [ ] Collector, Paris, France

    WInner of Fondation Colas Prize, France

    Residency Chamalot, Moustier-Ventadour, France
    Nominated by the prize Antoine Marin, Arcueil, France

    Cité Internationale des Arts with FrenchFries collective, Paris, France


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    Fondation Colas, France
    Fondation Velux, Danemark
    Ministère des affaires étrangères, France
    Le musée du chat, Belgium

    • Marion Charlet, Interview at Galerie Paris-Beijing. Video by Pierre Douaire.

    Marion Charlet – David Hockney, de la couleur avant toute chose
    – By Philippe Piguet

    The art of Marion Charlet requires an imagination that can grasp pieces of reality through powerful compositions in which colors are both the pretext and the text. The artist works with photographs that she takes herself and then edits on her computer as she sees fit. She first started to create a world made of landscapes and unique architectural interiors that are often overrun by a profuse vegetation and deprived of any human presence. As she adds many different viewpoints and plays with our perception of spaces, she creates a confusing, disorienting environment which draws our eyes into a visually festive universe. Then arrives a figure that finds its place in games of anonymous silhouettes, isolated or part of a group, pending in undefined spaces, predominantly opaline blue, between appearance and disappearance. Somewhat syncopated dancing figures allowing for colors to be part of a choreography, animated by the movement of a printed fabric that subtly bears the image of past landscapes – Ciao series (2019-2020).

    In Charlet’s work, it’s the colors that determine the layout of each of her paintings and watercolors, and therefore complete the pattern. The right dosage of their intensity, the quality of their transparency and opacity give the painting depth, rhythm and breathing as the artist plays with emptiness and fulness, refraction and screen. Something seductive is at play in her work which lures the viewer as into a trap that once discovered cannot be escaped. According to the words of the poet, luxury, calmness and delight reign over her work and create resting places out of the views of the open sea – Far Away From Calais (2016) -, of the greenhouse-looking cottage – Soledad (2015) – of this floating boat – Before Session (2019). The light shines everywhere, blissfully, in a silent pause. One feels at peace with no intention to leave.

    What explains it? Firstly, perhaps the fact that during her training years, Marion Charlet – who was born in Paris in 1982 – spent a year in England, studying at the Chelsea College of Art, in an environment that was ignoring the supposedly end of painting. This environment was free from any strict tutelage and let the young painters give in to passion – in her own words – for “painting, subject and color”. Secondly, it is due to her capacity to wonder even paired with her critical mind which allows her to be perceptive and doubtful – both qualities necessary not no get overwhelmed by your work. To finish, there is within her a will to be objective, to distance herself from reality which is confirmed by her smooth and diligent style. Charlet’s work does not impose itself on you but rather invites you in.

    Her works displayed in Thonon allow her to experience it though two distinct scales: on the one hand, large-scale paintings – including both landscapes and figures – whose virtual size expands beyond the frames, literally embracing the space around; on the other hand, the series named Gateways(2016-2018), small-scale paintings that she uses to explore all sorts of patterns and details. In all, the experience resembles the one on a ship “when you switch from a deck view to a porthole” as the artist said. Space and color, these are the cornerstones of Marion Charlet’s art.

    Extrait from the presse release of the duo exhibition “Marion Charlet – David Hockney, De la couleur avant toute chose”, June 26th – September 26th 2020 à La Chapelle de la Visitation, Thonon-Les-Bains,France. Curated by Philippe Piguet, art critic and curator.