Touching an aesthetic of the disappearance, Léa Belooussovitch’s works question our attitude towards violence, graphic violence in particular related to our society highlighting the vulnerability of a peculiar moment and witnessing the artist’s humanity. The drawing resumes the clear, brightly-colored image sourced from the press, capturing on the field people in distress without any detour. The manual transcription allows the visual information coming from the photographic medium to become more tolerable.

The image appears as evanescent as a ghost, like the imprint of his source in our memories. Nevertheless its power is still there, in this intimate transcription of a tale of such brutality that makes the eye look away. Despite being physically close to the work, the viewer is yet kept far from the harsh reality: it is precisely this gap between the signified and and the signifier, that has been emphasized here.

Born in Paris in 1989, she currently lives and works in Brussels. After receiving a master’s degree in drawing from the ENSAV La Cambre in 2014, she is nominated for the 2016 edition of the Prix Révélations Emerige  and she is the winner 2018 of the Young Talents prize of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Born in 1989 in Paris
Lives and works in Brussels



EIDÔLON “Before my gaze thy soul’s eidolon stands”, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France

Purple Blanket, IMAGE/IMATGE Centre d’art, Orthez, France

Percepts, Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts, Place du Châtelain, Brussels, Belgium


Sous l’image, Galerie Les Drapiers, Liège, Belgium

Rémanences, galerie Paris-Beijing- PBProject, Paris, France
FACEPALM, Maac-Maison d’art actuel des chartreux, Brussels, Belgium

Léa Belooussovitch : Public View, Solo Show, Platform 102, curator Odie R.Cash, Brussels, Belgium



Prix Médiatine 15#1 Manifeste pour une création visuelle actuelle, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris, France

Le réel dispose de son invention, Centre d’Art Contemporain Les Tanneries, Amilly, France


Sans tambour ni trompette, Curated by Julie Crenn, Centre d’art Faux Mouvement, Metz, France

Summer group show, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France

Tremblements, galerie Valérie Delaunay, Paris, France
Session#6 : Système, Galerie Paris- Beijing, Paris, France
The birth of tragedy, group show, Frederic Collier/contemporary, Brussels Friche, le hangar de la Senne, Brussels
Mediatine Prize, exhibition with the laureates, La Médiatine, Brussels
L’art pour l’ Accueil, exhibition & charity event, H18, Brussels

Une inconnue d’avance, Bourse Révélations Emerige, group show curated by Gaël Charbau, Villa Emerige, Paris
Déformation Professionnelle, group show, galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris
Collecting, 5 ans de soutien à la création, Maison des Arts Anderlecht, Brussels
De la lumière, group show, Francis Carrette gallery, Brussels
S.Balleux, L.Belooussovitch, S.Bonin, H.Prinz, group show, D+T Project gallery, Brussels
Garden Party & Auctions, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, Belgium
Learning how to see again, WYA’s European Arts Forum, Brussels
5/5, end of residency show, Fondation privée du Carrefour des Arts, Brussels
Paperworks, group show, Antena gallery, curator Odie R.Cash, Chicago, USA
Somewhere over the rainbow, group show, HD gallery, Brussels
Friche, group show, PIAS Anderlecht, Brussels
Spatial Sublation, 4 solos shows project, curator Jana Haeckel, WIELS, Brussels
Nevertheless, a two-part project with João Freitas, Musumeci Contemporary, Brussels

The Waste Land, group show, galerie Nadine Feront, Brussels
Contemporary Multiples and editions, Platform 102, Brussels
Not an opening…just a peek, Fondation Moonens, Brussels
Friche, group show, LaVallée, Brussels

Autrement dit, Trade Mart, Brussels,
Friche, open house in Anderlecht, Brussels
Carte de visite, group show, Vanderborght building, Brussels

Not ordinary view, group show, Galerie Artecontemporanea, Brussels
Color rooms , group show, Galerie Starter, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Désorienté(s), group sh ow, ISELP, Brussels

L’inquiétante étrangeté, group show, Galerie Oberkampf, Paris
Emergences Numériques, group show, Festival Transnumériques, Brussels

Museomix, collective projet with Mosquito Agency, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Zapping, in-situ installation of drawings, RTBF, Brussels


Laureate of Prix COCOF, La Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium
Laureate of Bourse COCOF Maac 2017, Belgium

Nominee Bourse Revelations EMERIGE, Paris

Laureate of the MOONENS prize 2014, Belgium


Residency at MAAC : Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels

Residency at Fondation Carrefour des Arts, Brussels

Residency at Fondation Moonens, Brussels